• My Senator i-WorkChair Fully adjustable Intelligent Movement Chair

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    i-Workchair is an intelligent seating solution developed to overcome the barriers of creating a flowing working environment. It has the ability to replicate a myriad of micro movements with ease and comfort, bringing a new generation of reclining action to synchronise with and replicate the body’s natural pivot points, providing a seamless transaction between upright and reclined postures.

    i-Workchair utilises a multi layered approach combining a technical weave fabric that sandwiches a 3D cut perforated foam core, optimising user comfort while allowing excess heat to vent away from the back muscles, discouraging fatigue.

    Standard Features (*Selected models only) 

    • 65mm hard wheel castors
    •  Aluminium back frame
    •  Synchronised mechanism with tension adjustment and back locking function in 3 positions 
    • 80mm Adjustable lumbar 
    • 60mm Seat depth adjustment 
    • Height adjustable arms with multifunctional armpad*   
    Design by Justus Kolberg — “With so much to think about and so many things to move and adjust the skill is in the seamless transition and flow from one element to the next and one material type to another, this is where the form and the proportions of each element is key and must be fully considered so that in the end the final appearance is exquisite and balanced and we can readily say I want one of those.”

    1. Tilt Tension (rotational control with 7 preset positions) 2. Seat Height (pneumatic spring with infinite adjustment) 3. Seat Depth (60 mm adjustment with 6 preset positions) 4. Back Lock (3 present positions - 0°, 9°, 19°

     Chair Video